Shirly Koh

Koh Li Qing Shirly (b. 1988, Singapore) is interested in how everyday objects—windows, escalators, barriers, can be visually prominent in our urban environment, yet fall into the background after an extended period in the same space. While the these objects might seem dull, it is precisely these items which make up the urban space and both constitute and influence the way the public reacts to their surrounding environment. 

Using pencil and muted watercolour on watercolour paper, Koh draws and paints these endless lines and grids. While the artworks are rendered lightly, the presence of the objects is strong as compared to their status in everyday reality, and allows the artist to transform personal feelings of vulnerability into nothingness.

Koh was the recipient of the LASALLE Future Leader Scholarship in 2013, and the NOISE Singapore Award in 2015. She was part of the NOISE Singapore 2013 Showcase Exhibition and has participated both individually and collaboratively in a number of exhibitions at LASALLE.