The beginning

I received the fantastic news of this award only a few weeks ago and since then I have been working on what is going to be one of my most challenging exhibitions. I love challenges and as an artist, I believe that moving outside the comfort zone is like going to a gym to boost the creativity. 

I am excited because this project will involve technology, software, hardware, design, casting, application of delicate patinas, hard metal work and so many other things that I never been exposed before as an artist. 

I will use this blog to share the advance, my challenges, questions, doubts, successes and anything that I found along the way.

I am euphoric and grateful for this opportunity and hope to get your help and support during this project.

Here I am just starting to design in blender some of the objects that I will 3D print and cast during this project. More news to come!

In my next contribution to this blog, I will share my immersion in the world of 3D printing and why I decided to use it in my art practice.

Thanks a lot and see you soon!



Just me working with Blender 

Just me working with Blender