AS: My whole life was marked by absence. Art was not about negotiating class but love. It was trying to get love and trying to hold onto it, art was my shadow, my companion... Art was a way of winning, not financial gain, but affection.

AS: I have only a spectator's version of cruising, since it's not something that I do, nor did when I was younger. I was too insecure for cruising. You know what, I make art so I don't have to cruise. It's true... Maybe I'm partly in it to get laid, but I'm also making objects that are a substitute for me. I don't have to cruise, because everyone can look at these displacements and go: "ooh, they're attractive." 

- Between Artists: Amy Sillman and Gregg Bordowitz

"Desire's formalism - its drive to be embodied and reiterated - opens it up to anxiety, fantasy, and discipline."
- Lauren Berlant, Love/Desire